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India: There is no provision in the above labour law that requires an employer to provide a written statement of particulars to a newly hired employee. However a written appointment letter or employment contract is signed between the employer and the worker as a matter of practice. The written document may contain the following information: name and address of the employer; name and address of the employee; title of the job or nature of work to be performed by the employee (or job description); place of work and hours of work; and probation, if any, and its term, etc. The employers may also incorporate the following information into employment contract: option of the employer to transfer an employee from one office to another branch office, affiliate, etc.; date of commencement of employment; wages or salary details (overtime wages); any benefits that an employee is entitled to (gratuity, provident fund and pension); type of contract – permanent or fixed-term; period of notice required for termination of employment; leave entitlement; conditions under which the employer can terminate the contract; and non-compete, confidentiality and non-solicitation provisions, etc.
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